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What To Check For When Hiring A Plumber

We want to tell you to choose our company for your next project! However, you might be located out of our area, or you might have a project in mind that is outside our area of expertise, so you might have to hire a different contractor. If that is the situation, we have made a list of suggestions for you to use when you are choosing your service provider.

There are a lot of things to consider when hiring a contractor to work on your home, but here are things you need to keep in mind when you are choosing a plumber.

Is This Plumber Licensed?

If a plumber does not have a license to work in your area, they are not qualified, and you should pass on hiring them! A licensed plumber is educated, competent, and has the right experience. A licensed plumber will also have insurance; if they did not have liability insurance, they would not qualify to have a license. This means the work is covered by insurance and if the plumber who is working on your property gets injured, you are not the one who will end up paying for their lost wages or their medical care.

Price Charged For Work

Price is a major factor when deciding on home repairs or improvements. When you are choosing a plumber, you need to take price into account, but it is not the only important factor. If you get a great quote on the price of the project, be sure to get the quote in writing. Policies on pricing can vary from one plumbing contractor to another, and sometimes policies may contain something a bit shady. What will your plumber do if he or she cannot complete all the repairs, or what if it turns out that additional repairs are required because of circumstances no one could foresee? You want your plumbing contractor to ask you first before doing anything that will increase the cost. If one person offers you a quote that is very low in comparison to all the others, find out if they are leaving anything out of the price and whether they might be using low-quality parts or unqualified workers to help them.

Check Reviews

On the Internet, you can find reviews of work done by plumbers, contractors, and companies. When you want to discover what other people are saying about a person or company you wish to hire, some of the places to find reviews include Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, and Yelp. Sometimes the reviews may be a bit off-kilter, (when someone wants to flatter or destroy a person or company) but you can still get an overall impression of what to expect from the company you may want to hire. Check to see if the plumber has any awards or professional affiliations; being a part of these groups and getting these awards is a good sign of their competence.

Get Recommendations From Others

Ask people you know for their experiences with plumbers they have employed. This does not need to be limited to homeowners; you can also ask property managers, business owners, and real estate agents. They may be able to refer you to a contractor with a great track record for doing excellent work, or they can steer you away from someone who does not deliver a good job.

Professional Behavior

An important thing you want to see from your plumber is an attitude of professionalism. This means it will be easy to contact your plumber, particularly during business hours. A professional contractor will show up on time. They will clean up their mess and leave your home the way they found it. Watch out for signs of unprofessional behavior when you are talking with plumbing contractors, because if you see they are behaving unprofessionally, it may be time to choose a different contractor.